What Is A Capsule Closet?

When I tell people that I am transitioning to using capsule closets (or capsule wardrobes), I tend to get some questions. Some people think it sounds very fancy, others think it sounds like some futuristic concept, but most have simply never hear of it before. So today, I thought I would very briefly explain what a capsule closet is and what it isn’t!

At its core, a capsule closet is a small selection of clothes (think 10-20 pieces) that can be mixed together to create a large number of outfits. Ideally, your closet is coordinated so any top could pair with any bottom, making getting ready much easier! In my current closet, I have dozens of different tops that only work with one bottom, pants I never wear, sweaters that are uncomfortable, and more dresses than one person should ever own. Add onto this formal dresses that are essentially never worn, clothes that I should have returned but never did, and clothes that don’t fit well, and my closet is full of things that are mainly just taking up space! A capsule closet focuses on pieces that you will actually wear frequently. It includes clothing that can be worn in various ways so you don’t need to worry about buying that one piece that you’ll probably only wear once but want to have “just in case”. The idea is that you will actually wear every single item in your closet!

What A Capsule Closet Is Not
– A Uniform: Capsule closets are built so you can mix and match pieces to create many looks, not just one!
– Restrictive: The capsule pieces are the main part of your closet, but you can add in anything you want!
– Boring: Many people with capsule wardrobes still incorporate a few “trendy” pieces for each season.
– Expensive: There are websites and stores that will sell you a complete capsule wardrobe and these can be pricey. Otherwise, you are the one who finds the pieces, so pricing can be whatever you want, just like a normal wardrobe! I have a few pricier items that I wanted to invest in (like a solid coat or a good pair of black heels), items from stores like H&M and Zara, and thrifted items! In fact, the best place to “shop” for a capsule is from your own closet! Using pieces you already own and like is the best way to get started!

What A Capsule Closet Is
– Easy: When every item in your closet coordinates and fits, picking an outfit is simple!
– Mindful: Focusing on what you actually wear and use can be eye-opening!
– Helpful: A capsule closet can be a good way to save money! By keeping your closet full of classics and essentials, most people only need to purchase a few items each season rather than completely re-doing their wardrobe! Many people get their trendy and seasonal clothing from fast fashion brands, which can lead to a lot of waste that is not good for the environment. Cutting down on the amount of clothing purchased can help reduce this!
– A Confidence Boost: As I have been using a capsule closet recently, I have noticed a positive shift in my self-confidence! I did not exactly keep the healthiest of habits during the past year or so, and my body has changed to reflect that. Going through multiple outfits to find something that felt flattering would be so demoralizing every day. All of the clothing in my capsule closet fits me and makes me feel, if not confident, at least less self-conscious, which has made getting dressed every day a much better experience!

Had you heard of a capsule closet before? Do you still have any questions about what a capsule wardrobe is? Please let me know!!!